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Author: Terry Rudd – ruddcommodities@hotmail.com

While waiting for the huge bubble in the financial markets to crash— the most serious bubble threatening ever — is human population. The following is not just another doomsday prediction (always as common as flies) but one of provable science. As the world’s biggest skeptic, the following is what convinced me of the impending disaster. If you are already convinced, you may not need to wade through this. Or if you prefer unimaginable surprises, this probably isn’t for you.

We know there are a lot of ‘guns’ pointed at our population, but we’ve been able to avoid most of the ‘bullets’ so far. So, why worry now. Our governments will warn us in time. Really??  I haven’t seen evidence of advance preparations or any indication that they are aware or suspect a problem – no storage of food or medicine taking place yet!

So, what is this ‘wolf’ and when is it supposed to be at ‘our’ door? The chart says we will suffer unimaginable disasters reducing the numbers of people on earth to somewhere near 1/3 of today’s 7.4 billion… and soon in geologic time. But, such time is huge. The period in this sentence is 1,000 years long. But, the best scientific charts and math say from 2010 to 2073. Einstein said 2020 and three other nuclear scientists extended the world’s population formulas to 2026.

Still, this shouldn’t be the end of us. Unlike the dinosaurs, after our population drops to 1/3 of its present size, we should bounce back in numbers. But, after such an immense amount of misery, it could take a while.

So, what’s wrong with our big population? It came too quickly — made a straight up ‘J’ curve (charts following). If it had taken much longer, less trouble would be looming. We’ve just been way too successful. Our population numbers grew too quickly. The charts say: steep rise — steep fall, just like the mountain… and a myriad of other examples from fish in a mountain lake to commodity prices.


Our demise, like everything else on the face of the earth, may already be  in the “cards”.  We shouldn’t be wiped out entirely though, but avoiding a big “bath” — appears impossible.  Who knows exactly what disasters are going to kick about 2/3rds of our folks off this earth.    We can’t predict that well.   However,  there is a fusillade of “bullets” headed our way — pretty obvious.   The only real questions are when will it start and when will it end. Everybody knows every bridge will eventually fall down, and a  broken clock is right at least once a day.  No one can know the exact date, but here are some good guesses.  Let me show you a graph that’s worth a thousand words …. shows why geologic time is very close …. why our demise appears inevitable… and why so many over the past thousands of years keep trying to predict it.

View "001.png"

What’s so scary about this chart? Most people don’t know that population pointing straight up– this long– means trouble. Our population line  could still climb higher, but not for very long . No room on the chart; only a few  years. Then we have to return… somehow… most likely dropping as steeply as we went up. Charts… charts… they are only paper. But, they represent where we came from and where we’re likely going next.

We’ve had population collapses before, but nothing even close to what the chart suggests this time.  We’ve been so blinded by our successes that such an impending catastrophe is the furthest thing from most people’s minds…. can’t conceive of such a disaster.   Blah, blah, blah.   And when the world does take its “bath”, it probably won’t be a quick shower, either.  Sure the Titanic took a “bullet”, and some dinosaurs were found with green grass in their bellies, but most catastrophes take much longer. Dinosaurs were here about 180 million and some are still wandering around…..birds and reptiles.

Earth’s human population was very small for millions of years, though we did have numerous disaster cycles over time —being nearly wiped out 74,000 years ago.   However, about 10,000 years ago something dramatic occurred… we stopped having serious contractions except for periodic  versions of catastrophic events I like to call “sponge baths”.   May be why so many of us have a built-in expectation for disaster. We rode a big “J” curve from the bottom to the top.  But now, in the “mind” of the charts … we’re ready for the wave to collapse


Except for news hype, earth’s human population has been relatively untouched up to this point. However, the underlying fundamentals encrypted in things like the world’s declining birth rates forebode a reversal in the making.  I thought lesser population was a good thing, but a huge decline? …. how could that be good?   Hopefully, you are more of a skeptic than I and can laugh at the incipient indicators gripping us, or maybe I just live in a different universe.  Please don’t treat me like the Chinese once did to mailmen carrying bad news, or Babson who warned of the 1929 stock market crash and got his name stuck to it.   And while a lot of forecasters over the years have been crying wolf to scare us into obligatory sex, I’m not… unless…you really  have the right hip to waist ratio.

Our economic cart is still climbing the hill, but we turned a blind ear to the noise of the seizing rusty bearings.  It’s becoming a little more apparent lately…here a quake…there a quake… everywhere a quake, quake.  But, that’s nothing compared to the barrage of “cannon balls” coming towards our population bubble.  Unfortunately these cannon balls are so deeply ingrained into the lattice of existence that there is little we can do about them.   No doubt we’ll try to block them — but as we know the Titanic tried to miss the iceberg…. it’s the glancing blow that sunk it.

Another blinder over our collective vision about our coming dilemma is that we’re so addicted to “one time” news events, that we rarely see the long chain of events that it takes for the final event to take place.  Newspapers are a little “light in the saddle” on this score.  Big events mostly occur after many bales of straw have already been loaded on the ‘camel’s back’.   Once loaded— it only takes one final straw.  Unfortunately, this then, collectively, becomes the one reason to which we falsely credit all reasons.


Don’t look now, but our camel’s back is  fully loaded… many rotten bales.  Note how many recent dilemmas have been packed on: 770 trillion in world debt, “the economy”,  downturn in physics discoveries 1936 (I’m not lying), shuttle elimination (we’ve had new planes trumping obsolete models since Wright Brothers— but nothing to replace the Shuttle except private entrepreneur Elan Lusk/Space X), huge real estate problems, terrible unemployment, pensions falling over a cliff, cities, counties, states, and whole countries going broke.   I’m even writing this on my savings.  How ‘bout you?

A lot of people have made doomsday forecasts innately knowing that everything in nature goes through cycles — where things gained have to be returned.   No nightmare — no dream.   Turns out everything from the sub-atomic world to our population boom requires this balance.   Climb and collapse.  So why haven’t we heard much about this balance? Because we’ve been in this incredible upward (population) “J” curve for 10,000 years.  Nostradamus may have realized this in declaring the collapse date as 1999. Pundits then said 2012. Einstein declared 2020;  three nuclear physicists at the University of Chicago mathematically extended our population formulas to their end in 2026;  Sir Isaac Newton said 2060 and lots of demographers say — at least in this century.


But, we have yet to see a convincing presentation of scientific facts? Please consider charts as scientific. True they are only numbers, but aren’t we reducable to numbers? Lots of scientists think everything can be represented by numbers. You say, whaaat?  Explain… explain.  That’s what I’m attempting to do here, but my limited cranial space has forced me to use huge simplifications, and take liberties with science that drunken sailors on shore leave in Singapore wouldn’t be allowed.

Every time I read something about the Mayan’s prediction, it seems contorted by some doomsday agenda.  The Spanish Conquistadors burned most of the Mayan’s books but a good German archeologist was able to extricate something about celestial configuration, a major cycle conclusion and new beginning in 2012.  Didn’t see any mention about population’s bubble popping, or an Armageddon… still we’re close… and it’s possible.

So, why haven’t brighter bulbs than I,  seen this “J” curve?   I stumbled on this signal while looking for something just the opposite —- where prosperity was  headed? … not our demise.  After getting my ass kicked in the 1980’s real estate crash, I was out to see where the world’s money was moving to next, so I could race ahead and shear the masses like all the good ‘ol boys on Wall Street do.

I found the world population chart in the Spokane Valley Library in 1987.   It had train wreck written all over it.   This was the furthest thing from my mind at the time (which isn’t that far).   But after confirming the “J” curve population chart with other technical commodity analysts …. I freaked out.   We technical analysts have seen these “J” curves rise, pop and crash not just in  commodity and stock markets, but all over…. And now coming to a population near us?


Population’s “J” curve ( bubble) is a rogue wave which has been going straight up for the last 200 years.  It climbed  steeply over the last 500 years.  The whole upswing started about 10,000 years ago.  Like water shooting out of a hose pointed straight up in the air … we all know it can’t go up for ever?    You say we’re not like water.  Are you sure? Seems like that’s the first question to answer. OK,  so you didn’t ask me to … I’ll just bury the answer in my muddlings,  and maybe you’ll find it on your own.

I found that all things in life are more similar to each other than we think; not just in composition, but also action:  give and then take back; balance of pluses and minuses, yin and yang, zero and infinity.  It’s not that water is smarter than us;  it’s that we really aren’t much smarter than water — at least when it comes to underlying physics.   We find that we’re up against the same up and down balancing requirements of not just water, but all physical particles in our part of  the Universe.   I know, it looks like I’m talking out of my bu–,  but just give me a minute.

Sure, we’re probably the most intelligent machines ever evolved, that we know of anyway.   But we’re still made of the same lesser things as everything else built into us.   Those things seem to have molded us into the wave patterns of the energies composing them as well.  What’s led our analysis astray is that in the last 10,000 years we seem to have sprung out of this box —- overcoming almost every difficulty —- seemingly we can do anything.   But, most of these “gifts” (and they were just that) have to be paid back.  Everything in time has to be given back, because the mirage of existence is only borrowed.   Nature’s bell curve allows infinite existence as long as it’s returned to the “closed fan” in time.    (Are you still hanging in there?)

We just think we’re the masters of our destiny because that’s how it’s appeared to be in the last 10,000 years.   And we may be able to dodge some of the incoming cannon balls.  It’s in our genes to try.  But, please don’t lose faith in us when we sideswipe the “iceberg” like the Titanic.  (It was only built to survive a head on collision.)

We’re so enamored with our successes that we think ourselves invincible.  But, actually we’re beholdin’ to the balance of wave patterns in quantum energies cooked up in dying suns long ago. Starting with the Big Bang, the erupting actions spun these chaotic quantum waves into cycle patterns of particles (or something like that).   Thus our bodies, beach sand, uranium, gold … all appear to be composed of similar bell curve life forms.   Their waves reverberate  in everything we do.  Sure, this kicks our ass even further down the “stairs” than did Copernicus and Galileo, but didn’t you kind of suspect we hadn’t really hit bottom yet?  After all, everything in the universe  came through the head of a pin.  How more humble can we get?

Can I say that nothing is real, at least as we perceive it?   As long as one can continue to ask the question where did “that” come did from … smaller and smaller, things must reach zero … or we can’t think straight at all.  Quantum logic says it’s ok to borrow something as long as whatever is taken gets returned quickly enough to balance the books — to zero.  The bell curve of existence opened up its zero to infinity “fan” to allow life, but at times it also has to close.


Apparently, dark matter and dark energy run universal interference by stealing 90 % of the show.  Thus our existence appears as a minuscule % of the visible universe — which means we’re almost nothing … accidental leftovers.   Plus we might only be images on some sort of quantum computer screen.  Though we’ve climbed to the top of this earthly heap, we may be no more capable of breaking out of our shackle patterns than an intelligent grain of sand sidestepping the wind…. but with bigger brains and boobs of course.

I know some of you are splitting a gut right now, but then let me ask you—where does the number one really begin … then end?  Monday really begin and end on earth?   How long is this current moment?  Think about it.  How about a bell curve ranging from zero to infinity.  Sure we made up math, but only to explain things better.   Even the subatomic quantum world is bound by the balance of give and take in the world of Quarks; time reversal, entanglement, action at a distance.  Everything is forced to balance ups with downs …. (sounds corny, but ….)

So, are we living a sort of — fake existence…. fragile and vulnerable…. smoke and mirrors?   Is the answer to where things come from — nowhere (that we can understand)…. cause somethin’ from nothin’ is allowed… as long as things are returned to nothin’ when the “clock strikes twelve”. Course this may suggest time doesn’t exist either.  Might also be  a bell curve… extending from zero to infinity at every instant …. fanning out to allow movement and giving us the impression of time and existence like frames of a film.  My god, we might only be mathematical numbers.  How hard can that be to manipulate?


There’s also a possibility that the laws of physics may not be laws at all — just events already in the “cards” being played out (not mine of course, ’cause I lost some) forming battle lines between exploded energies from the Big Bang … fighting for position, like armies … country boundaries.  Atoms and gravity may only be memorized rotations of atoms curving and fighting to maintain  balance mathematically explained in universal laws, numbers, equations, cycles and occasional rogue  “J” curve patterns.  For us to change our future downturn, may require unwinding the workings of the whole universe !!!..  though the universe is able to hang a “J” on us with no effort at all.    Or maybe I’m just full of it.


Even if we could avoid the same ultimate downturn everything else is faced with, shouldn’t someone in charge at least told us of the massive “J” curve forming?  I was blown away when I saw it the first time.  There the sucker was …. climbing up the chart as perfectly as though drawn with a French Curve.  You mean all the people on earth for the past 10,000 years voted perfectly on that?   Never saw a ballot.   Surely someone must have thought WOW but didn’t open their “trap”’ … at least very wide.  Stupid me, I thought we were supposed to cry “wolf” when we saw one.

Or are you going to tell me that the “J” curve kept track somehow of every person on earth and was able to dictate exactly who and how many could be killed in the many wars and plagues?…. “General, hold the troops, we’re sagging on the chart”….. The viruses knew exactly how many to infect?    Sex tonight honey; the chart needs more population.


I sent this chart to the best technical analysts and they agreed — our population bubble is set up for a popping event.  Other charts studied in commodities, stocks and animals, show shorter “Js” drop only a little, then head back up.  A few “J”s level off — then drop back down.    The price of gold (see chart) dropped two-thirds from its peak in 1980, like a tired climber coming down from Everest.   But then it climbed back up to even higher heights today.   Its peak this time, in 2011,  almost doubles the one before and could go higher.   Our population’s future could likely follow a similar pattern as gold’s price because “J”s which begin quite low then climb many multiples higher … generally experience big drops, but later recover … often to go much higher. So, don’t count us out, ok? we could last forever… spreading throughout the universe.


On the population chart you will see that for eons, our numbers were miniscule.   About 10,000 years ago we began to climb up in a sweeping “J” curve like a beanstalk climbing to the sky.    Actually, we may have already experienced a small “J” collapse about 75,000 years ago when Toba blew up.  Because at that time our population dropped to less than a hundred Homo Sapiens.   (Who was there to count?) Thanks to the over- sexed, we survived.

These “J” rogue waves happen everywhere — overwhelming everything from dinosaurs to ships in the ocean.  And “J’s” are no stranger to other critters as well:  reindeer, birds, lemmings, fish, sugar, even tulip bulbs … the list is endless.   Go back to the population chart and look at the lower time line.   You’ll notice that we only had miniscule numbers over millions of years.  Then look at the vertical (census) line and you’ll see the “tables” have reversed.  We can now have all the people we want, but there is little time to do it in…. just  a few short years …  then most of us have to go bye-bye!


Some say we can stay at the peak and level off like Mount Roraima in Venezuela.   But the back side of that mountain still falls off; completing the balancing act.   Haven’t we watched any television about altitude sickness?  You don’t see many people camped on top of Everest.  Nor can we stay in a climax for more than a few seconds.  (Or is that just me?) That’s why bubbles burst/deflate.  Cycles must finish their downward path or perish, especially rogue peaks.





So again, how many people do we have to give back? … throw off the population “boat”?   The first loss could be about 33% of us.  Then we could have a “dead cat” bounce up.  Afterwards, we face another 33% to be peeled off the chart.  Two drops are the minimum, (analysts call them corrections) but there could be three or more, according to Elliott Wave.  Then a new uptrend can begin. Like gold, even surpassing where we fell from to begin with, life should bounce back… even to go much higher and further.

How long will population decline?  My guess :: as long as it takes to shed the numbers called for.  Probably not as short as the Titanic, nor as long as the dinosaurs.  Most of our population came on in the last 100 years.  According to commodity charts, down time could be half … say 50 years.  The majority of the whole rise came in the last 500 years, so half of that would be 250 years.  But, like the DOW dropping from its peak 1000 points in a day — the bash could crunch into 25 years or less.  In that case … might not make my 100th birthday.  Damn, and I promised myself !!


Hey … we still have a great indicator though— one that anyone can use to tell when the fireworks officially start.  It’s the same population graph itself.  When the number of people stops dead in its tracks, like the peak of  “water” coming straight up from a hose, and the NASDAQ in 2000, our numbers should start down with a vengeance.

When I took out my old drafting tools and extended the population curve (in 1988) it showed falling over from straight up about year 2000.   Nothing goes  straight up forever.   It was like I looked up and saw a wolf in the window.   I panicked and calculated the slowing rate of the world’s population to stop at about 2010.  ( It’s hard to be at your mathematical best when you see your ass on the menu).  Maybe why so many are freaked out today.   But, redrawing it in 2011 the numbers look like we could still continue up till 2032 or even 2073.   So I might be off a century or not — whip me, beat me.   Dam nature’s pencil … the point is geologically wide   (not 0.5mm.)


But wait.  Just how exact is nature in these situations?  Sometimes unbelievably exact —  but other times not…. and just one event now could tip over the top of the chart.  It may only take one whispy straw, or could be several major events.   So why is this article so long and boring (or did I just smoke too much when I was younger?)  I feel like I’m sliding off the camel’s back as we speak.  And this is the first time I’ve ever been early.   But when is it too early to cross a collapsing bridge?

Though population is still increasing, the percentage rate of increase is declining.  (See chart above) No major calamities so far, but we may be doing it to ourselves.  Nature allows any means … birth control pills, Asians limiting the number of children … and what about my vasectomy?  I used to think when population came under control or even dropped a little — it would be a good thing.  After all, in most places we’re choking on people.   Now, I know that when a peak starts declining it spells a whole lot more to follow.  Rogue waves don’t level off till they’ve collapsed.  Sure, we have flat oceans — but not during a storm.   That’s why I like the “hose” example or maybe I’ve just been “hosed” too many times.


Most believe we deserve to keep our population — after all we’ve gone through.   Are you f…. kidding me?  Most of us alive today haven’t seen a fraction of what our ancestors suffered  through except for soldiers, etc.…  We’re spoiled as hell.  If anyone needs kicked in the ass — its us.   Of course, with our ancestors gone,  it’s only going to be us.   We’re only an extension of them anyway….  unless you  think we’re completely disconnected.  You don’t do you ??

And we shouldn’t be blaming our assumed sinning for what we may be up against either.   Today’s sins are only yesterday’s deeds — how we got here.  Otherwise we’d have been gobbled up long ago.  Cro Magnon and Homo Erectus were much tougher than us.  Also there was a huge convergence of things we needed — stuff that came together in a perfect combination like rogue waves in the ocean:   air, water, livable weather, hands, brains, perseverance, tool making, social skills, science instead of superstition, democracy instead of monarchy, marriage instead of harem battles (we’re all descendants of the 13th man), debate vs. dueling, attorneys instead of knights, doctors instead of witches.  How many can you come up with?  Or maybe I don’t know a  Cro-Magnon hole in the ground from my Homo- Erectass.

Without probability lining up events in our favor for the last 65 million years we couldn’t have made it.   Also, tons of what appears to be good luck.  But that also has to be given back…. to balance the books.  Luck went with the dinosaurs for 180 million years, then ran back “home“on a huge asteroid 65 million years ago.   However, it did let us in on the scene.  No huge asteroids since….but, maybe one is supposed to show up NOW.    You know, an effect for the cause needed.    That’s really how major events (if not all) things occur.

It’s not cause and effect…. but effect mating with cause.   And major effects like major events, prefer major disasters.  They don’t just occur out of the blue.  They seem to coordinate with the causes needed.  Hand in glove.  Thankfully, they held off till now, but I can see them “peeking” through the window.  (But I see a lot of things at night … especially after a few beers…)

We’ve been allowed to do our best, maybe too good, but definitely not sinful or malignant.  That we may take a big bath is not punishment.   (Though it does seem no good deed goes  unpunished.)   Look at the smooth “J” curve on the population graph.  There is no way an ancestral group of even super humanoids could have made that pattern.   No way, unless you say GOD.  Then which god and what religion?  Here the discussion could go all over the place and I’m not a chosen one to talk.  Funny though, no one ever pointed out this pattern.  Those who talk with god forgot to bring up the subject?


On the other hand, it appears that religions rode in on the Golden Rule:  which begat more and more people, making the “J” bubble.   You might think an invisible hand was involved in making the “J” pattern.  Note that religions turned much more benign over the last thousands of years.   Arose, subconsciously?  Perhaps an “invisible hand”.   God like trend or fashion?   If you’re an old codger like me you no doubt noticed how youth wholeheartedly embraced the computer world when it showed up, while us old farts looked on it as just a whole lot more work.

Such an invisible hand was mentioned by numerous brains such as Adam Smith who questioned the economic progress during the period he taught.   Just as new economic theory was just being proposed —- it was mysteriously occurring.  But,  our “J hand”  may be now  “folding up the deck”…. ready to spank us on the way down.   Good-naturedly though.

“J” curves happen all the time in equity and commodity markets.  Underlying cycles allow the markets to exist.   Remember the NASDAQ chart?  The DOW made not one, but now maybe two, “J” bubbles — the previous Crash in 1929: and now a more gigantic one today?   Other commodities and critters have made many: Lemmings and birds — over and over;  cotton, sugar, lumber… and Chukars (Asian birds brought to the Northwest 60 years ago) went straight up in the 1970’s, but then straight down in the 1980’s.  Some are still here though, like we should expect us to be.






“J” rogue waves grow in many other earthly gardens- like the oceans. They build up  by robbing  adjacent waves and super combining other energies in one freakishly high wave, or being forced up by opposing winds and strong ocean currents. Mariners, both ancient and today,  have been caught unaware,  and thrashed by these bizarre rogue waves.  Like the Coast Guard helicopter captain who, hovering 90 feet over his rescue swimmer, thought it impossible that the wave, from nowhere, cresting through his fuselage was actually another 20 feet taller… Yeah — sunk.  Mercilessly swatted down like a gnat in a hurricane.

These oceanic rogue “J”s were generally poo- pooed for ages until scientists put up monitoring stations.  They found these humungous bastards occurring all over the globe, particularly in Africa’s Algohas current which produces monstrous 190 foot waves.  Even the Queen Mary with 10,000 troops aboard was nearly capsized by one.  And wasn’t there a huge drilling platform demolished just a  while back?

How close is our population’s bubble “J” to crashing through our fuselage?    I personally prefer the “twelfth of never”, but the clock seems to have already started. When I extended the parabolic curve and it looked like our “J” curve would curl over about the year 2000.  I panicked and started stockpiling Viagra and other necessities, unfortunately forgetting about geologic time.  I drained my bank account for survival goods I’ll probably never use.  But, there was such a perfect storm of financial bubbles bursting in the first decade of 2000 that I was fearing that it actually had begun.   Course, could be geologic time.

In the bell curve world of dispersions … anything is possible.  Any losing team can beat any winning team on a given Sunday.  Dam bell curves.  They make weird sense of everything …. but won’t let us to make perfect predictions.   Being right is nice, but knowing we’ll be right — that’s impossible. Or, do you only make perfect mistakes?

Though I recalculated that our population graph could peak sometime between 2032 and 2073 —  it could be tomorrow.  (Didn’t I convince you about bell curves yet?)  We’re also blinded by events occurring in slow motion .… “frog” time is  geologic time.  It’s not day to day like we think.   It often takes years to realize what happened — you know — hindsight.  Look at the other mass extinctions in history and you will see them marked off in eons.  Still, if I had to pick a beginning date, the most compelling evidence appears to be the nuclear physicists kickoff date of November 13, 2026…. or maybe Nostradamus 1999.   Yes, there’s enough evidence already.

Everyone wants to know what will be the cause?  Who knows— but, there’s plenty to choose from, the least of which is a reversal of all the advantages which helped us on the way up.  Not payback for bad behavin’, just payback for good achievin’.  That’s nature’s way:  famine, nuclear war, comets, 26 million year extinction cycle (tied to Nemesis loop ? around the sun.)  Dalton minimum, disease (kills big), hemisphere collapse, asteroids: one just missed in 1989 and another size of a football field passed between us and the moon in 2002.  No one saw it till it passed by?? Even three more tried to hit us in the last 10 years … lovely…. then a bigger one expected April 13, 2029.   It’s supposed to swing around in 2036  and return to kiss us.

Meteorites and asteroids aren’t strangers to us.  Early earth welcomed them.  As you know, we’re actually made of them.   Then there’s Supernovas, gamma ray bursts, coronal mass ejections, magnetic storms (had a nasty one in 1859 — burned telegraph keypads) and earth’s poles already shifting, oceanic release of methane gas could screw up our atmosphere, volcanoes, earthquakes … an endless list of potential disaster cycles either due or overdue.   Or maybe I just don’t know a meteorite from my assteroid.


There is also a crumbling of our wonderful financial world such as the overdue crunch of the economic long wave, another crash possible in the stock market, real estate cycle (2) not due to bottom until 2015 and no one knows how all the world’s debt can be written off.  The banking and financial markets rang up 770 trillion dollars in debt.  Even without interest, there’s no way it can get paid back.  It would take every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth working for 10 years without pay — to wipe off the world’s  debt.      Oh yeah, that’ll  happen.

“Musical chairs” now has debtor nations, real estate, and banks losing their ass(ets) each time the music stops.  Our train hit an ice patch and is flipping around, actually heading in the wrong direction.  Time for a Jewish Year of Jubilee? …  Alle, Alle Auch Sind Frei?   Say goodbye to paper script?   Gold and silver are harder to counterfeit.  But can you eat them?  Metal tenderizer anyone…?

Governments are trying to ward off the complete deterioration of our free-er entrepreneurial system by way of flawed socialism.  It may be staving off the “wolf” for now, but in the long run may just actually be flushing the toilet.  Oh well, we might otherwise already be in the shitter.  Life seems to be that which occurs while we’re busy making other plans.

Hurrah for the last moments.

Government employees have become a huge part of our economy.  Producing what??   They’re the same people as private businessmen, but hired wrong—-pay without competetition, even counter productive with pay and there’s nothing we can do about it!!  And on the working side we labor under the false idea that love and kisses make all the world’s goods accessible and affordable.  Sorry, that’s only for street walkers and building “J” curves.

Free enterprise knows that productive success requires boat loads of selfishness, competitiveness and greed.  Forced to compete against each other, the captains of industry benefit us — but only as a by-product;  not that they really want to.    They have to make things cheaper and better or die.  (In the jungle, those that hunt — live; those that don’t —). Course, we didn’t teach this to our kids….just the opposite.  We didn’t even force this productive concept on our government… shame on us…..so smart, yet so flawed in some aspects.

Even communist outfits like China and Russia have now found it better to harvest man’s greed and pour on the competition.  Lately, it seems the whole world has adopted the American way.  Top of the “J”?…elevator at the top floor?…icing on the cake?…next, down the “hatch” ?   Other Contrarian signals::: science on the verge of discovering the “fountain of youth” ….  and hot to inhabit other planets. Have we forgotten that even the best free-enterprise systems go through down-cycles too? That’s when good government can help— refereeing,  not competing,  like an umpire in a professional ballgame. Where’s Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?

Oh, there are also a couple of other crazy ideas.  One is space cowboys riding around in UFO’s ready to herd us into cattle trucks, cropping us like ranchers shipping cows to the slaughter house.  I mentioned this to one UFO expert — that we might be headed to a distant galaxy for endless toiling on some machine.  He called me a crazed lunatic.     That’s the kind of validation I like.

And by the way, Conquistadors weren’t Quetzalcoatl — nor were the cowboys — Indian lovers.  So, why do so many expect “manna” from above?   God // parent // child success of human mammals?   But some critters operate just the opposite.   And according to bell dispersion, other life in the Universe could have a 5 billion year head start on us ….  To them — we may only be soap scum.

Major earth and critter extinctions have been around for eons and yet we survived — like the ice ages, earth shifting, and big changes like in the Permian and Cambrian extinctions.   So why are you and I here to see this pending one?   For one thing, the greatest number of old people ever living — are alive today.  Hope I don’t end up taking a dirt nap too soon.   Don’t call me late for my funeral because there may be an after life and I don’t want to miss it.  By the way, in what condition are we supposed to be going there:  broken, birthing, decrepit?



I might mention some other signs of a top in civilization —-Ponzi debt schemes at a peak —- or  I could just shut up.  Take your pick.  Like folding a sheet of paper—  it gets thicker and stiffer to the  point where you can’t bend it anymore.   The same with progress.  Computer knowledge was down to doubling every 14 months a while ago.   Now we’re looking at 7 months.

How about: wolves evolving to yellow labs.   Now we’re reversing them back to wolves.   Sweet old ladies in New York allowed the Feds to import unwanted huge Canadian pack wolves by the boxcar to replace the indigenous shy wolves in the Inland Northwest US.  They’ve been eating sweet Bambi and Bullwinkle literally on the hoof … sometimes just for the fun of it.   Now our countryside is just a patch of carcasses.    Many of us just happened to have dearly loved these animals.  In payback we want to turn killer rapists loose on the streets of  big cities with systemic immunity.  After all, they appear dis-enfranchised and endangered to us.

Let’s see what other good examples there are.  Oh yes, government’s “lack of” fire fighting intent. In the past there were many fire fighters (like me) who wanted to knock out fires as quickly as possible.   Now, the agencies love big fires; money, notoriety, no skin off their back — unless they’re in the fires (and they never get that close).  Here’s another reversal: underlying real work force has collapsed….about 45% of the workers in the US are now in the government trough …20% unemployed… nearly 10% can’t work.  What’s left…. maybe 25% !!!    How long can this trend last?      What can you add to this list? How about musical trends, for example,  cycling from complex music structures to more rudimentary ones…  from Beethoven to Tupac…

Well I guess it was too good to last; the Golden Rule hanging over us — we swallowed the bait. Too many people expecting handouts.   This couldn’t go on forever even in the best of times. (How can entitlement programs keep loading on more and more beneficiaries– a seemingly unending and burgeoning enrollment?) Next, we might prepare for medieval castles, Viking “diplomacy” and Neanderthal “sweetness”.   No matter how bad it gets — try to enjoy it.  Our ancestors did, even while lopping off each other’s heads.  For now, kiss your doctor and attorney for keeping us alive and from killing each other….. and thank the “J” for dampening our violent genetic urges.   And  stop all the  incessant blubbering.  You and I may not even live long enough to  see the worst of it.

And how about the numb-skulls like me being able to enjoy Physics on an $18 DVD today.  Cost thousands yesterday at sheepskin factories. Even Einstein was too early to see cartoons made of his most excruciating theories.   And don’t put too much faith in all my crap here.  I just finished an article about how safe our commodity funds were — then MF Global.   You’re not still looking for a perfect forecaster are you?

I’m at the end now — an infinite number of monkeys are now through typing, and are now trying to cash their retirement checks.

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