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Author: Terry Rudd – ruddcommodities@hotmail.com

What this site is about is a new way of thinking about upcoming events in the world around us.  Our ideas for your review and comment are poised to improve our lives and those around us.  We think that what we’re presenting will be the next step in man’s improvement in how we deal with everything in life. We also believe in blogging, and that it can improve what we’re suggesting.  In this quest, our goal is to coach, not as a guru or ivory tower instructor, these new tools and concepts.

Unfortunately, the two recent articles we’ve published through Futures Truth and first included here are of subjects so important as to take precedent over the above optimistic outlook.  Even at that, we are presenting a positive approach to the problems at hand; presenting a third article, coming up, on the Bell Curve of analysis.

In blogging, we are pleading for the same condensed and easily understood arguments that we hopefully imparted in the first articles.  We aren’t coming to this forum with a dogmatic agenda, but in the spirit of fun, competition, and free-enterprise spirit (which there seems to be less of everyday now.)  In doing so, we are offering monetary rewards for what appear to be the best responses on each subject.  Our judgment is not perfect, so don’t be disappointed in our judgments.  Your opinions may be the best; hence our name Dynamical Reasoning.

Because our first two articles are on subjects that point out problems looming before us, don’t assume we are doomsayer types.  In fact our other long-winded books (which are being condensed here to save us all time and keep us entertained) are progressively positive.  We are resilient skeptics when it comes to pure rhetoric, but we are open-minded optimists when it comes to new ideas with self-provable abilities.  Heck, we’re even open to conjecture, when properly couched.  There are a myriad of things mankind will only understand over time … and even then, probably not everything.

You’ll hear a lot of probabilities and possibilities from us, rather than certainties because we’re into the randomness of the quantum world and how it affects everything.  That’s why our next article is about the bell-curve of probability.  We think mankind’s greatest missing link (in terms of general reasoning) is not measuring everything in bell ranges.  While almost everything has a possibility of being true, measured probabilities give us the best understanding of life, particularly the future.  We’re promoting reality to be measured in degrees, not completely what we’ve perceived by our own experience nor been told by our greatest sages.

We welcome criticism, new concepts, even wild thoughts of every degree.  Just be able to sell us your ideas in free enterprise fashion — sweet, condensed and compelling.  Other subjects coming up from us are; who are we; what are we doing here; and where are we going?


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